Here at Clare’s Cuisine we provide you with a personalised cookery course in Hampshire at our school in Colden Common


We have a cookery course that will be just right for you, giving you the cookery skills and the confidence to cook from scratch using fresh seasonal ingredients


If you are a novice you have come to the right place. We know it can be difficult learning from cookery books and most cookery shows on TV assume a basic level of knowledge that not everyone has. Not everyone has had the opportunity to learn, we show you where to start and tailor courses exactly to your needs.

If you can cook but have a passion to improve we are here for you as well. Maybe you want to learn a new technique or just need some inspiration to try different recipes. Maybe you want to create a special meal to share with your family and friends. If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hampshire cookery course in Clares Cuisine kitchenOur cookery courses include individual tuition as well as workshops and cookery demonstrations. If you prefer we can use your kitchen, we are happy to bring our skills and equipment to you.

Cooking is easy and fun and if you don't think that now our objective is to show you that in can be. All of the sessions are informal and relaxed. They are not run by professional chefs but by an experienced cook who loves cooking and will inspire you to do the same.

Cooking is about using wonderful fresh ingredients, and we will show you how this is much cheaper and healthier than opening packets or buying ready meals. We can't all keep chickens and nurture allotments but fresh local produce is always available.

Cookery tips are what we are all about. As well as the cookery tuition, we will give you lots of helpful advice along the way. This may include menu planning, what every cook needs in their store cupboard and how to store and preserve food to avoid waste. And we also have some lovely easy to cook recipes for you to try.

Clare’s Cuisine won’t intimidate you
We will inspire you to cook