FAQ Cookery How do I cook Roast Gammon ?

How do I cook roast Gammon ?

Following on previous months’ articles on roast meat, here is the next article in the series.  And this time we turn our attention to roast gammon – just in time for Christmas.

How to prepare the joint?

Gammon can often be quite salty, but by covering it in water and leaving it to soak overnight in  water, you draw out a lot of the salt.

How long to cook it for?

Allow 30 minutes to the half kilo plus 30 minutes. .So say your meat weighed 1.5kg (that’s 3lbs in old money!) you need to cook it for 3 x 30 minutes plus another 30 minutes, which is a total of 120 minutes or 2 hours.

Gammon can sometimes be a bit dry, how do you get a nice succulent joint? The best way to get a succulent joint is to boil it for half of the cooking time and then roast for the remaining time.

After soaking overnight, drain off the water and add enough fresh water to half cover the joint. Add peppercorns, parsley stalks and a bay leaf and boil the ham for half of the cooking time. Drain off the water and place joint in a roasting tin.

How to prepare the joint for roasting?

Cut away the rind and score the fat into criss cross  shapes. Insert a whole clove into the centre of each square. Rub the fat with a mixture of honey and mustard or orange marmalade. Add some water to the roasting tin to make a sauce or gravy. Roast in the oven at 180C, basting the meat every so often with the water / juices from the tin.

Resting the meat is important as it allows the meat juices to sink back into the meat.  This makes the meat more tender and easier to carve.  Take the tray out of the oven at least 20 minutes before you’re ready to carve and wrap it in foil to keep warm.

How do you carve meat?

Place the joint on a stable chopping board.  Use a sharp knife and cut across the grain of the meat in thin slices.


FAQ Cookery How do I cook Roast Gammon ?
Home FAQ Cookery How do I cook Roast Gammon ?
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