This is your cookery course, tailored to your specific needs and run at your pace.


We offer individual cookery lessons and can tailor these to your particular likes and dislikes

All the ingredients and equipment you need will be provided, You can arrange the cookery lesson on a date to suit and choose to cook whatever you like. All you need to do then, is look forward to enjoying a wonderful dish that you’ve learnt to cook yourself.


The most popular individual lessons are one, two or three hours but longer cookery lessons, lasting up to all day or several days, can also be arranged.


What can you expect from your cookery lesson?
A one hour individual cookery lesson is a great start and will enable you to cook one or two dishes depending on the complexity of the recipe chosen.

Longer cookery lessons will enable you to fully immerse yourself in the cookery experience.

You could cover a particular technique such as pasta making or pastry making, how to create a perfect roast dinner, or learn a specific cuisine such as Thai or Italian. The choice is yours.

Longer Cookery Lessons
If you'd like to discuss any aspect of your individual cookery lesson, including booking longer lessons, or adding extra people, please get in touch. Contact Page

Invite a friend 
Although these cookery courses are generally one-to-one, you can invite up to two friends or family members to share the cookery lesson with you for an additional charge. Share the fun and share the cost!

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